Wedding Memories

Wedding Memories




"Photography is much more than the reproduction of an image or a moment. Photography is the reproduction of a felling, it is a unique look, it is a time machine that makes us travel in time.


Only a person who believes in love in all its shapes and who lives his own love story can capture the essence of a moment in his pictures. It can carry us back in time. Without artifacts or additions to what is important, photography should pure and simply squeeze our heart and take us back to the place where we were happy.

Shooting with someone who surrenders and who wants to reproduce the love present in every moment is a unique experience, it is to keep emotions in albums, so we can revive them forever. "

Sofia Almeida | 2017

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"Wedding Photography is all about creating memories from a day that is the past and the future of many lives. It is like to safe emotions in a "little box"